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Ramy Al-Asheq is a poet, writer and journalist based in Berlin

Al-Asheq was born in 1989 in Sharjah (United Arab Emirates) and grew up in the “Yarmouk Camp” for Palestinian refugees in Damascus. At the start of the Syrian revolution in 2011, Al-Asheq began to cover the demonstrations for various media outlets. He also wrote lyrics for a number of revolutionary songs, which were interpreted by Assala among others. In July 2011, he was arrested by the Al-Assad regime. Upon his release, he went into hiding and, the following year, fled to Jordan. During his time in Amman, Al-Asheq published his first book Walking on Dreams (سيرًا على الأحلام, 2014). He subsequently earned a fellowship for writers from the Heinrich Böll Foundation in Germany, which allowed him to move to Cologne in November 2014.



In 2014 Al-Asheq published his first book Walking on Dreams (سيرًا على الأحلام), a collection of poems about the Syrian revolution. He has read his poetry at various cultural and literary venues, and has participated in the Leipzig Book Fair 2016 and 2017, the “Arabic Literature Days” in Zurich 2016, the Ruhr Book Fair 2016, Literature House in Munich 2017, the festival “Literature from Syria” in Cologne 2017 and Berlin Poetry Festival 2017.

In February 2015, he was awarded a prize for young authors from Al-Qattan Foundation (Ramallah) for his collection of poetry In My Travel Outfit (لابس تياب السفر) in Syrian spoken language.

In 2016 Al-Asheq published Since I Didn’t Die (مذ لم أمت), a collection of prose texts written between 2014 and 2016. Some of these texts have been translated into German, English, and Bosnian. In November 2016, Al-Asheq contributed a prose text to the anthology Weg sein – hier sein, which showcases 19 Syrian, Iranian and Yemeni writers who are living in exile in Germany.


In My Travel Outfit
(لابس تياب السفر)

Al-Qattan Foundation & Al-Ahlieah Publisher, Ramallah & Amman 2017

Since I Didn’t Die
(مذ لم أمُت)

Citizen House publisher, Beirut 2016

Weg sein – hier sein

Secession Verlag, 2016

Walking on Dreams
(سيرًا على الأحلام)

Al-Ayyam Publisher, Amman 2014

Awards and Grants

Awards and Grants

Academy of Art (2018)

One of the two fellowship holders of literature department

Künstlerdorf Schöppingen (2018)

Literature grant and residency

Künstlerhaus Lukas  (2018)

Literature grant and residency

Best international entrepreneur of the year –  (2017)

MonyGram Award for founding Abwab Newspaper

Young Author Award – (2015)

Special prize and and publication grant

Heinrich Boell Haus 2014

Creative writing fellowship 



In December 2017, Al-Asheq and the German journalist Lilian Pithan launched FANN, a cultural magazine in Arabic and German. It aims to spread the word about artists and authors from the Arabic as well as German speaking countries by facilitating better exchange and understanding between different linguistic communities.

In December 2015, Al-Asheq and New German Media launched Abwab, the first Arabic newspaper in Germany. Al-Asheq was its editor in chief for two years. As a journalist, he has taken part in various conferences on integration, refugees, xenophobia, and journalism, which were organized by the Heinrich Böll Foundation, taz, New York University (Italy) and Humanity in Action.

From September 2014 to June 2016, Al-Asheq was the cultural editor of Rising for Freedom, a Syrian print and online magazine. He has also published several articles in German newspapers, among them taz, fluter, and Kölner Stadtrevue.


Arabic-German culture magazine


The first Arabic newspaper in Germany

Rising for Freedom

A Syrian semi monthly independent magazine.